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Some say he’s lived hundreds of years. Others claim he just missed his 1000th birthday. Not even his most trusted friends know for sure. Now, see the events that drove Dr Pavarti to colonize planets, build civilizations, and shape the path of an entire species. 

It’s clear the Author had a lot of fun thinking up quirky gadgets and futuristic ideas.

Taylor Amazon Review

Allen stepped completely out of the shadow of any other authors and developed a wonderfully unique and exciting story…The Keystone Islands is a tour de force of Allen as he shows why he belongs in the upper echelons of modern sci-fi writing.

Veritas Amazon Review

Allen kept the action flowing at a near-constant rate.

John Amazon Review

A fun new twist on the sci-fi theme.

Jared Amazon Review

A truly amazing first book for Lander Allen. The plot has twists and turns and keeps you reading.

Terri Amazon Review