Cries from the Dust

Coming Soon: Cries from the Dust

Some say he’s lived hundreds of years. Others claim he just missed his 1000th birthday. Not even his most trusted friends know for sure. Now, see the events that drove Pavarti to build civilizations, and catch a glimpse of what his true motives could have been.

Isaac Pavarti just wanted to survive. To help humanity to survive. While evading captivity in the African mountains, Isaac hacks into his tracker and gains access to his captor’s military system. He gathers who he can and runs, staying one step ahead of those who desperately wants what he’s discovered.
But only a step.
His former captors prove cunning, and his group of followers grows larger and slows him down. As he sees more of the world he discovers just how close to extinction humanity is, and just how much his new discoveries can help them.
Isaac knows its just a matter of time before he’s caught. His only hope is to save everyone first.