Mists of Affliction

What if Someone Buried a Prophecy in You?

It seemed like only yesterday that Scott, Dixon, Miranda, and Talia were being hailed as the saviors of Naprea. Time and deception can change anything, including a hero. The four become the target of religious fanatics scheming for power. Scott finds himself hunted, Dixon is imprisoned, Miranda is left without her precious tech, and Talia is wanted dead. Will their relationships fall apart or be stronger than ever? Talia is growing up quickly and must learn to fend for herself in the cruel world of Naprea, but she also has to hunt down new powers to help her find the secrets that have been hidden from her by her dead parents. Along the way she meets a handsome boy willing to help her find what she is looking for. Can he be trusted? Councilor Donovan of the Coalition and his wife, Inara, use the Coalition's advanced technology to help feed the political unrest in Naprea and attempt to turn the four against each other. Miranda desperately tries to beat the Coalition and win the race to Earth. The Coalition must be stopped, but at what cost? A city? A friendship? A life?

It’s clear the Author had a lot of fun thinking up quirky gadgets and futuristic ideas.

Taylor Amazon Review

Allen stepped completely out of the shadow of any other authors and developed a wonderfully unique and exciting story…The Keystone Islands is a tour de force of Allen as he shows why he belongs in the upper echelons of modern sci-fi writing.

Veritas Amazon Review

Allen kept the action flowing at a near-constant rate.

John Amazon Review

A fun new twist on the sci-fi theme.

Jared Amazon Review

A truly amazing first book for Lander Allen. The plot has twists and turns and keeps you reading.

Terri Amazon Review